Backyard Cleanup Services


Let’s be honest for a moment: without a doubt, life gets busy in the greater New York City metro area. 

Between work and commuting through traffic on a daily basis, yardwork likely registers as the last thing on your mind. There is, after all, only so much you can handle on your plate at any given time.

All in all, we at Cleanout Express get it. In fact, we’ve all dealt with the frustration of yard work from time to time.

“I’ll do it next week!” you try to console yourself.

However, next week magically turns into next month… and your front yard is starting to resemble something from a jungle adventure movie. 

If the next major Hollywood adventure film will shoot on your property, you’re in great shape! Laughs aside, an unruly lawn isn’t the most attractive look to present when trying to entertain family and guests.

Overgrown lawns, unkempt or fallen trees, junk piles, and weeds as tall as your fence can create painful eyesore when left unattended. 

Worse still, it can inhibit your ability to have visitors over: who wants the embarrassment of having to machete their way to your front door?

Moreover, an improperly managed front, back, or side yard can significantly reduce the curb appeal and overall value of even the most spotless of homes.

Thankfully, this is where Cleanout Express comes in!

When you’re in need of a full-scale clean-up of your yard, Cleanout Express offers a full array of the most efficient yard cleanup services in the New York City area. 

Our talented, always-uniformed and polite professionals make use of a diverse selection of tools to ensure your yard looks neat and photogenic.

Whether you’d like a spring cleaning or a just a one-time cleanup any time of the year, Cleanout Express provides the most trustworthy, friendly, and complete service for your yard. 

We cheerfully provide our back yard clean up services to all five New York City boroughs, including Long Island, Westchester County, and Nassau County!

Please call us for a free quote today! (718)-658-0979.


Brush & Leaves Clearing

Four seasons in a year can create a noticeable pile-up of leaves, sticks, and brush. What’s more, these are typically the biggest source of trash removed from a yard. Luckily, Cleanout Express will clear and remove all of it during our sweep of your home’s landscape.

Lawn Clean Up & Mowing

A centerpiece for most yards, the traditional lawn is frequently a factor that can suffer from neglect. But we’ll mow and edge your yard during our one-time yard clean up, or you can schedule regular lawn maintenance with us. In this way, you can make sure you won’t need to bring a hacksaw the next time you want to venture out onto your property.

Junk & Debris Removal

Trash and debris can build-up on your property in a multitude of ways. And having it hauled away by most other junk companies can get costly. However, Cleanout Express provides efficient and cost-effective junk and debris removal, removing the extra step and hassle for you.


By and large, disposing of your yard waste in NYC on your own requires a great deal of effort. 

First of all, you must place it to the curb only on pre-specified collection days. Furthermore, tree branches must be tied up in bundles, and they can not be more than two feet high and not more than four feet long.

What’s more, any sharp points, such as nails or thorns,  must be removed or flattened out in totality in advance of being put to the curb.

These are just the start of the long list of rules and regulations to which you must adhere when managing your own back-yard clean up in New York City. 

But why subject yourself to so much anxiety and stress? The easiest choice is to enlist the on-time, budget-conscious services of Cleanout Express. 

No matter where you are in the greater New York City metropolitan area, we can beautify your backyard and prevent any headaches for you too.


If you’re interested in heightening the look and feel of your NYC landscaping with one quick service, then Cleanout Express is just what you’re looking for! 

Simply put, just call (718) 658-0979 today to speak with our friendly, local professionals about your specific needs for yard clean up, as well as to schedule a completely free consultation and estimate! 

In short, you’ll be provided with everything you need to know about yard clean up in the New York area. Before you know it, you will have a landscape that you’re going to love all year long.


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